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About us

innoved provides research and consultancy services for businesses looking to develop the best – and best-selling - learning resources.

We all face difficult decisions in publishing. Sometimes it helps to have an objective and external pair of eyes to help you uncover the evidence to inform those decisions.


· How can I grow our market share?
· How do I make sure our products have a competitive edge over the market leader?

The answers to these questions usually lie outside your organisation, out there in the market.

We might recommend our Schoolviews service. As a Market Sleuth, I know the educational market inside out and know how to hunt down the answers to these questions. My publishing experience will ensure that I put this research in the right context for you, your publishing strategy and your business.


· How can we work more effectively?
· How can we get more titles out on time?

At other times, you’re looking for answers inside your own organisation but need some objective, ‘baggage-free’ consultancy to kick-start you into action. My management, business and editorial experience will provide real focus to help you achieve your objectives.

educational publishing consultancy
innoved also provides the popular Schoolviews™ service.