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Why work with us

Our approach

I have extensive experience and understand how publishing houses work and what it’s like to feel responsible for a list area. I also know how you’re always up against it in terms of money and time.

Be reassured I will abide by my own principles to be:

· Obsessively objective
You can have confidence in the recommendations I make – they’re made as if it were my own business.

· Unreservedly confidential
I can’t afford not to be.

· Zealously sleuth-like

I’ll seek out the evidence to support your decision making with enthusiasm and you’ll get a fact-filled report which you’ll want to read.

· On time and within budget
After all, that’s why you are looking to outsource something – to get it done!

· Upfront and fair
Once you’ve approached me with an initial idea for a project and I’ve discussed your needs in more detail, I’ll draw up a proposal for the work involved. This proposal document maps out the planned tasks, the schedule for completion and the fees involved. If you agree for me to start work, then I’ll stick to the original budget: any extra time I take to fulfil the brief will be entirely at my own cost.

educational publishing consultancy
innoved also provides the popular Schoolviews™ service.